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Precision Vehicle Holding

We are a customer-focused group of professionals committed to service excellence in finished vehicle logistics. We have a unique combination of talented experience, industry-leading software and systems, and a network of partners and resources to deliver customized solutions to the world’s leading automakers.

Liberty Hill Equity Partners

Liberty Hill Equity Partners are a privately-held energy solutions and industrial services company that traces its roots to 1882. Its core business includes logistics and terminal operations. They are active partners, providing critical strategic, financial, and administrative support to the Precision team. To learn more about Liberty Hill Equity Partners, please visit www.libertyhillep.com.

Precision: A Long-Term Partner of Choice


We want to contribute to our customer’s sustainable growth and grow with them. We hope to earn the right, over time and based on substantial value, to become the Supplier of Choice for finished vehicle logistics.


We aim to become an Employer of Choice for the best available people in the industry. We are looking for people, inside and outside of our company, with the right skillset and mindset (competency + character) to serve our customers and support our entire team.


We strive to be the Partner of Choice by treating people like we want to be treated. We organize our network of like-minded people and organizations around a common vision and mission of customer service and operational excellence.


  • Yard Management

    We are focused. Yard management is our core business. We are not a trucking company. We are not part of a railroad. Our primary business isn’t facility services. We are a vehicle processing company.

    Our team has been involved in the vehicle processing and automotive industry for decades. We have carefully and efficiently handled millions of vehicles in for a wide range of customers.

    We offer a full range of vehicle processing services for origin facilities, destination ramps, and ports – including rail loading and unloading. We customize solutions for specific customers and locations.

  • Drive Away

    We provide a number of drive away and shuttle options as part of a full yard management process or as a stand-alone service.

    We can supply drive away services on a permanent basis or as temporary project.

    We have drive away experience with terminal-to-terminal moves, up-fitter traffic, and direct-to-dealer deliveries.

  • Other Solutions

    In addition to yard management and drive away services, we provide a number of additional solutions, including:

    • Pre-Trip services
    • Offsite services
    • Vehicle inspection/quality campaign support
    • Research and development

    We have core competencies but we also look for additional ways to support our customers when we are the right fit for a given situation. We are always willing to invest time and energy into finding valuable solutions to priority problems.

A Different Customer Service Experience

  • Car

    Operational Excellence

    We have a clear vision of what great vehicle processing can be. Central to our belief is methodical and data-driven Operational Excellence. We combine our vehicle logistics experience with customer operating systems to drive sustainable results. We relentlessly pursue both continuous improvement and innovation as we look for ways – big and small – to be different and better.



    Service excellence in the factory-to-dealer process requires both standardized work and the ability to stay aligned with our customers. We look and think ahead in order to anticipate the need to change. We act with a sense of urgency and respond quickly to shifting needs and conditions.



    We value timely, accurate, and complete communication. We readily share information with our customers, our people, and our partners in order to make informed, robust decisions. We constantly give and receive feedback as we verify and validate our processes


Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant

Careers at Flat Rock

Drive Away Operations

Ford Ohio Assembly Plant

Careers at Ohio Assembly Plant

Yard Management - Drive Away Operations

Ford Michigan Assembly Plant

Careers at Michigan Assembly Plant

Yard Management - Drive Away Operations

Ford Dearborn Truck Plant

Yard Management - Drive Away Operations

GM Lansing Grand River Assembly

Careers at Lansing Grand River

Yard Management

GM Flint Truck Assembly

Careers at Flint

Yard Management - Drive Away Operations

GM Lake Orion

Careers at Lake Orion

Yard Management - Drive Away Operations

GM Spring Hill Plant

Careers at Spring Hill

Yard Management - Drive Away Operations

Fort Wayne Rail Yard


Owned & Operated Rail Yard

After drive operations - Multilevel Pre-Trip - Flatcar Inspection & repair

The Precision Difference

  • Difference

    For Our Customers

    We treat our customers like customers. We focus on their challenges and priorities. We provide our customers a sustainable competitive advantage in vehicle logistics through cost-effective and highly reliable solutions.


    For Our People

    We care about our people, as people. We treat our people with dignity and respect. We are building a culture of employee engagement and enablement that will lead to higher individual and team performance in all areas of our business.


    For Our Partners

    We take partnerships seriously. We form non-competitive alliances with folks who share our values and our customer-centered approach. We look for long-term relationships with shared responsibilities and risk, as well as shared success and rewards.

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